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Based in Los Angeles, TNI Design is a team of architects and interior designers providing creative interior design, landscaping, home remodel, 3D rendering, and construction drawing services to private individuals, architects, interior designers, businesses, landlords, developers and building construction professionals.

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TNI Design

Our design team has the ability and expertise to produce a custom design that will be relevant, compelling, and engaging with the target consumer profile. We show our design recommendations through photo realistic renderings or 3D walk-through so the client knows what to expect from the finished product.

We serve the residential, office, hospitality, restaurant, and retail industries.

Our team has delivered many highly successful design projects, both domestically and internationally. Services range from concept design, complete interior and exterior facade packages, landscape design, layouts and detailed plans, signage package, furniture and layout, and contractor plans.

Fees are very competitive; we have regularly demonstrated savings of over 50% on existing services at the same or elevated quality.


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We will help you to get the result you dreamed of.


Individual, aesthetically stunning solutions for customers.


We create and produce our product design lines.


We create and produce our product design lines.

Get Incredible Interior Design Right Now!

At every stage, we could supervise your project – controlling all the details and consulting the builders.

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Experts in Commercial and Residential Architecture

Residential: TNI Design has created multiple luxury and family homes, either from the ground up or remodels. Our team has provided as-built plans, new drawings, interior design, landscaping, and permit processing services.

Commercial: TNI Design provides interior design and architectural services in the following sectors: restaurants, retail, beauty, commercial offices, and hotels. Services include creative design, drawings, 3D renders, space planning, commercial kitchen drawings, as-built plans, customer journey, and the overall experience.

Our team includes deeply experienced architects, draftsmen, designers, and visualizer.
We provide our services to contractors, developers, private individuals, and businesses.
We cover the following sectors:

  • Residential
  • Restaurants
  • Office
  • Hotels
  • Commercial building types
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