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Bring your restaurant and food service concept to life with the expertise of TNI Design. Our award-winning international restaurant consultant and designer Robert Ancill, who leads the team as CEO, is a leader in creating beautiful and compelling designs that will engage your customers and set you apart from competition.

TNI Design has worked on numerous successful projects with clients such as Westfield Shopping Mall, Plant Power, Tacos don Manolito, Protein House, Caliburger and many more. Every type of design project can benefit from the creative approach that TNI brings to the table.

We guarantee to deliver results that will make your restaurant stunningly unique and stand out above competitors. We’ll work our magic to ensure that every product and experience leaves a lasting impression – taking you to beyond what you thought was possible for your creation and helping celebrate its potential with our state-of-the-art ideas.

Whether it’s coffee bistro or upscale fine dining, trust us to give ‘centre stage’ treatment for all your restaurant projects. From powerful modern minimalism to classic vintage elegance – when it comes to food service concepts, let us take care of the design needs!